Dragon Tamer Torch

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Popular LPS (large polyp stony) coral species that is frequently seen in saltwater reef aquariums is torch coral. The coral adds beauty to any aquarium with its long, flowing, squishy polyps that emerge from a base of cemented stone. Euphyllia glabrescens, another name for torch coral, is a native of the Indo-Pacific area.

Torch coral is a popular choice for novice aquarists as their first LPS species to keep because of its easy maintenance. Because torch coral is photosynthetic, light is necessary for its survival. It can be fed little pieces of meaty things like mysis or brine shrimp, but the zooxanthellae algae that reside inside its body provide most of its nourishment.

Torch coral does need particular conditions to flourish, even though it is normally easy to care for. It requires steady water conditions, moderate lighting, and moderate water flow. 


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