Unicorn Poop Chalice

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The Chalice Coral is known for its relatively low care requirements. Being an LPS coral, it thrives best in moderate flow and lighting conditions. The water flow should be sufficient to circulate around the coral and prevent any debris from settling on it, but not too strong to hinder the opening and feeding of its polyps. Due to its fleshy polyps, excessive flow can be detrimental to the coral’s well-being. Additionally, as an LPS coral, it does not demand a significant amount of light. If you have a mixed reef tank with SPS corals at the top, it is advisable to position the Chalice Coral halfway down the rockwork. This coral consistently displays its vibrant colors, allowing some flexibility in terms of light placement. However, it is important to note that the margin for error lies in providing too little light rather than too much. Excessive light can negatively impact the coral, while insufficient light will have a lesser effect. Therefore, it is recommended to err on the side of caution and provide slightly less light if unsure about its placement.


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